The 5 Principles of Social Impact | Marian Spier

Why is it that one person becomes a successful game changer and impacts the world and why does another with the same opportunity, and education does not reaches that level of success and impact? While consulting multiple organizations around the world Marian Spier discovered 5 principles to help professionals find out how to become game changers and create impact.

  1. Chance: You have to create an opportunity
  2. Clarity: You have to strategize
  3. Craze: You need to have a passion for what you do
  4. Courage: You need to have an entrepreneurial mindset
  5. Considerate and determined: You need to be purposeful and meaningful in everything you do

Marian Spier is a visionary business professional, social entrepreneur, and strategy consultant. She has been a manager and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam for eight years.

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