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obhizatrik foundation

Can you help fund the smallest business models in the world?

Ahmed Imtiaz Jami is the founder of OBHIZATRIK Foundation, and runs the project ‘Shokkhom’, fighting poverty by using your donations to create the smallest startups in the world! Here is what they do.

Shokkhom – meaning competent in Bangla – uses donated funds to fund tiny startups and give ownership to impoverished families across Bangladesh. Members of Obhizatrik then oversee training and monitoring of individual families until their income is sustainable.

How much does it cost? For as low as BDT 15,000 (USD 177), you can create an income system for a family. They have devised 23 business models ranging from sewing to farming. Since 2016, they have created over 400 projects – with an incredible 98% success rate!

Find out more about the Shokkhom Project and Obhizatrik by visiting the OBHIZATRIK Foundation Facebook page, or go to this link: https://obhizatrik.foundation/shokkhom/


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