Bangladesh ranks at 74 out of 144 on the list of generous countries

Bangladesh ranks 74 out of 144 in the list of the most generous countries in the world, according to The World Giving Index.

The World Giving Index is based on Gallup surveys and compiled by Charities Aid Foundation, a group that works to find strategic ways to boost giving. All told, it includes representative and consistent responses from roughly 1.3 million people across 144 countries. As CAF reports, these findings were based primarily on one thing: a question about whether, within the last month, those surveyed had done one or more of the following: helped a stranger, donated money, or volunteered time to an organization. For the purposes of measuring generosity, all of those things were weighted equally.

the most generous – still usa, but barely

The United States has been consistently rated as the most generous (per capita) country over the course of the last decade. But that recognition comes with a pretty large asterisk. In recent years the number of people who report giving money to charity annually has been declining. Overall, 58% of Americans typically reported doing something generous when polled annually over the last 10 years, according to the data from the World Giving Index of global generosity, placing the United States just ahead of Myanmar, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland, which round out the top five and were all within two percentage points.

Other countries in the top 10 include Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. One of the really fascinating things when looking at the 10 years is that those countries who form the top 10 most generous are quite different and that there is no magic bullet as to what makes a country generous. The top 10 is made up of countries from different continents, prevalent religions, cultures, and levels of wealth.

THE STATE of bangladesh

In the survey of Bangladesh, 57 people out of 100 says that they are willing to help a stranger in need. However, only 23% expressed desire to donate money and 13% to volunteer time.

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