Ashik Ahmed went from flipping burgers to one of the richest Tech Entrepreneurs in Australia

Ashik Ahmed was flipping burgers when he went from Bangladesh to Australia at 17. Now, he is worth $148 Million!

After he saw al the challenges in monitoring and managing employees, Ashik got the idea of a workforce management system – and was born.

His software helps business owners roster and pay their employees and the company boasts a client list of more than 184,000, including Hubspot, Qantas and NASA.

The 38-year-old is now listed at number 25 on the Australian Financial Review Young Rich List, released this week, and worth $148 million.

“I never did it for the money and I still wouldn’t. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in the rich list or not, it does not change why I get out of bed every morning,” he said in an interview with SBS Australia. “Validation in life comes from enriching other people’s lives.”

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