Dr. Chisti is fighting Pneumonia with Shampoo Bottles

“It was my first night as an intern and three children died before my eyes. I felt so helpless that I cried.”

Meet Dr Mohammod Jobayer Chisti, who has dedicated his best work to saving children dying from pneumonia.

Pneumonia kills around 920,000 children in the world and is the cost of upto 28% of infant deaths in Bangladesh.

Dr. Chisti’s invention brought down the cost of the treatment by over 90%. His device is made from empty shampoo bottles and at a cost of just over Tk. 100 ($1.25), the device appears to cut mortality rates by 75%, saving hundreds of lives. The device used before used to cost upto Tk.12 Lakhs ($15,000).

Dr Chisti is now head of clinical research at his hospital. He is wants to ensure that every hospital in developing countries to have the CPAP device available to them.

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