Matador is offering a three-layer surgical mask called #Matador Melt-Blown Fabric filter

During this corona pandemic, Matador, one of the largest ball pen manufacturer in Bangladesh, is offering a three-layer surgical mask with high quality called #Matador Melt-Blown Fabric filter in the interest of human safety. Matador advised to consider the risk of using these low-cost, ineffective face masks at low prices.

In this mask, they said, there are three layers, in the middle of which there is an advanced quality Melt-Blown Fabric filter. Featuring a nose clip that will help hold the mask properly over the nose. It is made from advanced raw materials because it provides better quality filter capability and creates less obstruction to breathing.


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Mohsin Patwary

Mohsin Patwary

Hi, it's Mohsin Here. Studying Anthropology at the University of Dhaka. Working as an Executive, Content and Communications at CSR Window Bangladesh. I'm also the Co-founder of a Social Activist organization, Better Earth. I run a Youtube channel named 'Mohsin is here'.

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