Standard Chartered and UCEP launch skill development project

Many economically vulnerable individuals who have lost their livelihoods due to the impact of Covid-19. To counter this, Standard Chartered and UCEP Bangladesh have jointly launched a re-skilling and employment reintegration programme.

Under this initiative, UCEP Bangladesh will conduct a rapid needs assessment study to identify the skills gaps in both formal and informal sectors, and the opportunities created by the disruptions caused by Covid-19. They will then use the results to prepare participants with the skills to best meet current and future demands of the job market.The graduates will then go through a job placement programme to complete their reintegration into the economy.

Standard Chartered is currently focusing its community support measures in five key areas. These include providing life-sustaining food and hygiene support to 480, 000 individuals. Another is supporting lifesaving medical services for 560 critically-affected Covid-19 patients. The third is supporting livelihoods of 2,000 farmers. The fourth is supporting education by contributing Tk 109,135,000 for protection measures and remote education of vulnerable children. The last is on supporting the healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines by contributing Tk 25,185,000 to Red Cross programmes.


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