EBL, Sajeda Foundation distributes cooked food in Chandpur

Sajida Foundation, with support from CSR of Eastern Bank Limited (EBL), distributed free food among people affected by the CoVID-19 epidemic in Chandpur.

On the first day of the strict lockdown announced by the government on Thursday, July 1, cooked food was packaged and distributed to about 1,000 families in Puranbazar and Natun Bazar areas of Chandpur city by this initiative.

Of these, 362 people were given food at Khalil Hotel in Puranbazar, 115 people at Kamal Hotel in Natunbazar, 93 people at New Cafe Lake Restaurant and 341 people at Railway Restaurant.

Sajida Foundation Town Focal Person in Chandpur Region, Shahjahan Ali said that free packaged food is being distributed in the Chandpur municipality area like other districts of the country from June 8 for the affected poor people. This initiative will continue till 26th August.

Food coupons have been distributed among 921 members of 226 families of selected poor communities in Dudhbazar, Railway Kalaeni, Gahna slum and Muchi Bari slum areas of Chandpur Municipality and they are receiving free packaged food from certain food hotels every day by depositing those coupons.

During the ongoing lockdown, the food was distributed through the mentioned hotels in accordance with the health rules as part of the emergency services.


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