Pran Up Distributes iftar among street children

Pran Up has launched a campaign titled "Pran Khola Hashi" to distribute iftar among street children and helpless families during Ramadan.

According to a news release, Eleash Mridha, managing director of Pran Group, launched the campaign on Sunday at a session held at Pran Center in Badda.

Pran Up will distribute a specified amount of money through the initiative by collecting labels from consumers and giving iftar to street children and their families.

Eleash Mridha said: “Iftar is a matter of joy for Muslims during Ramadan, and it adds a different dimension after fasting the whole day. We usually share our joys with families, relatives, and others through iftar, and many of us who are not fasting also participate in iftar. Many helpless people in our society cannot do a good iftar, and street children and their families are one of them.”

He also said: “We always try to stand beside poor and helpless people while operating the business. On behalf of our beverage brand Pran Up, we have taken the initiative to share the iftar with them throughout the month of Ramadan.”

Anisur Rahman, executive director at Pran Beverage said: “The campaign aims to see happiness among the street children and their families. We include the consumers so that they can encourage us by providing the labels of Pran Up at some retail chain shops, including Daily Shopping, Tasty Treat, Mithai, and RFL Best Buy. Pran Up will allocate a specific amount of money from each label and distribute it in Dhaka and divisional cities. We are going to distribute iftar from the first Ramadan.”


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Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun is currently working in the project & content Development team at CSR Window. He is a passionate writer, content developer and Development enthusiast.

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