How Bonayan is helping fight climate change

BAT Bangladesh initiated the largest afforestation programme in the country. Since1980 the organization is working with the forest department to support its endeavour to conserve the forests.

To date, BAT Bangladesh have contributed around 110 million + saplings to the country’s afforestation
initiative over the last 4 decades. It is the largest private-sector driven afforestation initiative in Bangladesh.

Ahmed Raihan Ahsanullah, Senior Sustainability Affairs Manager, BAT Bangladesh talks about the project at “Let’s Talk CSR”

In around the last four decades, more than 110 million free saplings have been distributed and planted across the country under this flagship program. The initiative was taken as BAT Bangladesh believes that business has a key role to play in helping society achieve the necessary sustainable balance of economic growth, environmental protection and social progression, which will build value for all of the society.

Through this initiative, BATB provides government-approved 22-25 species of saplings to farming communities — the main beneficiaries — across the country. Every year, they raise four to five million saplings to plant in their different zones across the country.

BATB has received the prestigious Prime Minister’s National Award four times and the Chief Advisor’s Award once for this programmer.

In an interview with CSR Window, Ahmed Raihan Ahsanullah, Senior Sustainability Affairs Manager, BAT Bangladesh says, ” One of the most important achievements through Bonayan is that we are getting the chance to fight climate change hand in hand with the Bangladesh government.”

With the implementation of Bonayan, BAT Bangladesh is focusing on the socio-economic needs of the communities as well as the overall environmental perspectives. For more inspiring CSR stories shared by corporates, check out our Youtube Channel.


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Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun

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