How PRAN-RFL’s CSR Initiative delivers Quality Education

PRAN-RFL Public School is a fully funded and functioning public school set up by the PRAN-RFL Group with state-of-the-art facilities and subsidized/wavered fees. There are two schools in two locations – Ghorashal and Habiganj.

These areas were without decent education facilities prior to this intervention. The schools have over 1,450 students and generated a workforce of 85 at present.

Suprita Paul, Adviser, PRAN-RFL Public School, talks about the project at “Let’s Talk CSR”

PRAN-RFL Public school, located in Ghorashal and Habiganj, both locations of their factories, was established in 2014 to provide quality education and facilities to children of their employees and in the communities. To date, the schools provide primary education from classes 1 to SSC, with most students getting subsidized or full fee waivers, with over Tk. 10 million (1 crore) disbursed in monthly scholarships to date. The communities also have access to the school’s additional facilities and extra-curricular programs.

In an interview with CSR Window, Chowdhury Kamruzzaman, Director of Marketing, Pran-RFL Group says, “To me, sustainability is the key here, I believe just donating money is not the true CSR. CSR should have a long-lasting and sustainable impact on society, by providing quality education we are having that impact in the society”

With the PRAN-RFL Public School, the PRAN-RFL Group is not only providing quality education to children but also empowering the communities by creating job opportunities. For more inspiring CSR stories shared by corporates, check out our Youtube Channel.


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Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun

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