Nagad Arranges Vaccination Campaign for Employees

Marking World Hepatitis Day, Bangladesh Postal Department's mobile financial service arm Nagad held an awareness workshop and vaccination campaign to ensure its employees’ health safety.

On Thursday, the program was held at the head office of Nagad, one of the country’s largest mobile money services, reads a press release.

Nagad has taken several initiatives on World Hepatitis Day, to protect its employees from the disease. Hepatitis-B vaccinations were provided to all Nagad employees as part of the initiative. 

On this date, more than a hundred employees of the organization have been vaccinated. 

The event was attended by the Managing Director of Nagad Tanvir A Mishuk, Executive Director of Nagad Niaz Morshed Elite, Chief Marketing Officer of Nagad Sheikh Aminur Rahman, Director – Human Resources & Administration of Nagad Shaharear Sayeed along with other officials.

Earlier on July 26, ‘My Doctor’, the healthcare partner of Nagad, conducted an awareness-raising workshop for all head office personnel. Employees have been educated about the severity of the hepatitis virus, its repercussions, and preventative measures throughout the session.

As part of this campaign, the organization held the hepatitis vaccination program on Thursday afternoon while all interested employees were given the first dose. The remaining two doses will be administered in the same manner at Nagad’s Head office in due course

Joining the program, Tanvir A Mishuk said: “We are aware that hepatitis is spreading all over the world like a deadly virus. Children and patients as well as those of us who work in offices are at high risk of contracting this disease. Our today’s program is to keep the Nagad family free from this virus.”

“Nagad has always put the utmost priority on its employees’ well-being. We provide our employees with health insurance and round-the-clock health care. As a part of this, we have taken the initiative to raise awareness about World Hepatitis Day. Additionally, this vaccination program is designed to protect the health and safety of our workforce,” he added.

Nagad offers all employees free health care facilities through ‘My Doctor’ where employees of Nagad can obtain healthcare at any time by simply dialling the hotline. In addition, ‘My Doctor’ consultants provide medical services inside the Nagad head office at specific hours.

Previously, at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nagad offered a special financial incentive to enhance employee protection operations. As a part of the initiative, the employees who were infected with Covid-19 received a Tk5 lakh treatment package each from the company. 

In addition to full-time and half-time employees, this initiative also covered Nagad ‘Uddoktas’.


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