Coca-Cola Foundation and WaterAid collaborates for enhanced water security in Bangladesh

The Coca-Cola Foundation is joining hands with WaterAid Bangladesh on a project, titled "Promoting Water Replenishment and WASH Services" to promote water and sanitation security in the Savar and Sunamganj locations of Bangladesh for a duration of 18 months starting February this year.

The project aims to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in climate vulnerable areas and also promote water replenishment through rainwater harvesting, reads a press release.

The project entails setting up of rainwater harvesting solutions for sustained water security at the campus of Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP). It will also introduce the effective recycling techniques of using rainwater for non-drinking purposes. 

In addition to the work in CRP, Savar, there will be refurbishment work undertaken in Sunamganj district, that was severely affected during the flood in July 2022. 

Two schools and five healthcare facilities have been selected where this project will be implemented to improve effective sanitation management to improve water, sanitation ad hygiene accesses for students and patients. 

More than 30,000 people are expected to be reached through these institutions. 

President of The Coca-Cola Foundation, Saadia Madsbjerg said, “Sustainable access to safe water is a core priority area for The Coca-Cola Foundation and we are proud to support the work of WaterAid Bangladesh in improving water access in key locations.”

This project will build resilience of the climate vulnerable communities residing in Sunamganj. Along with providing rehabilitation support for the damaged facilities, it will also aim to improve the capacity of the local community to gain technical knowledge on how to manage the WASH resources, especially during any disaster. The project is expected to reach a total of more than 60,000 direct people among whom more than 60% are adolescents and/or young women.

WaterAid Bangladesh Country Director Hasin Jahan said, “Due to changing climate, nations like Bangladesh are faced with multipronged climate threats, and at the heart of it is water security for communities and environment. We know promoting water and sanitation security is vital to create a more sustainable Bangladesh – with conservation and resilience in its core. This project between WaterAid and The Coca-Cola Foundation has the potential to create a real change for the betterment of the community while demonstrating large-scale adaption solution for water security and WASH access in communities.”


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Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun is currently working in the project & content Development team at CSR Window. He is a passionate writer, content developer and Development enthusiast.

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