LONGi AND RAHIMAFROOZ PARTNERS for 10MW Rooftop Solar Project in Bangladesh

LONGi, a renowned solar module manufacturer, has recently entered into a contract with Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy, a Bangladeshi company, for a notable 10MW rooftop solar project. This collaboration will serve as a platform for LONGi to showcase its advanced module technology, with 6.5MW and 3.5MW allocated to its Hi-MO 6 and Hi-MO 5 products, respectively.

The decision to select LONGi modules for this project reflects the increasing demand for high-performance solutions in the commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop sector in Bangladesh. It also signifies LONGi’s dedication to supporting the growth of the country’s solar industry.

LONGi is widely recognized for its cutting-edge solar modules, known for their exceptional efficiency and reliability. The company has established itself as a global leader in the solar industry, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering top-quality products. Its Hi-MO 6 and Hi-MO 5 modules, which will be utilized in this project, are highly regarded for their impressive performance and durability.

By partnering with Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy, LONGi is expanding its presence in the promising Bangladeshi solar market. This collaboration not only demonstrates LONGi’s commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions but also highlights its ability to meet the specific requirements of the C&I rooftop sector.

As solar energy continues to gain traction as a viable source of clean power, LONGi is well-positioned to contribute to the development of Bangladesh’s solar industry and support its transition toward a greener and more sustainable future.


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Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun

Shahriar Latif Mithun is currently working in the project & content Development team at CSR Window. He is a passionate writer, content developer and Development enthusiast.

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