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Create Windows for Good

CSR Window is a platform where anyone – individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates, NGOs or social organizations – can collaborate to bring ideas to life that benefit communities at large. 

The idea of CSR Window is to bridge the gap between people who are doing amazing work for the society but are looking for support, and people who wish to donate or support, but do not know how to reach them.

Children practice dancing with recitations at Morali Para Center-2, Wagga Union, Kaptai Rangamati on 26 August 2014.
what keeps us up at night

Our Mission

Bangladesh is rich in population. Our people are one of our biggest resources and if all of us commit to helping and giving regularly, we can solve all of our society’s’ problems ourselves. The right sort of social intervention at the right time, like educating children from one generation or providing new sources of income to generate livelihood can help families break the vicious cycle of generational poverty.

We believe that solutions to all of our society’s problems lies with people coming together to solve those problems, using whatever skills and resources they have.

How we Can Help

Monitoring Programs

We monitor Long-Term and launched Projects and produce reports to measure impact

New Initiatives

We help Corporates and non-profits come up with new and innovative Programs that help the community

Developing Platforms

We develop platforms you can use to reach the community and create more impact

our Partners help us spread more good to more Places

We work with Organizations trying to achieve more good with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs and Social Initiatives by designing, implementing, monitoring and fundraising.

Our Promise to CSR teams

We specialize in Trust

One of our core offerings to our donors is trust, we take this very seriously. Our Framework is designed to bring you trust, which is why we verify and validate all the legal requirements that nonprofits need to follow.

All nonprofits who we work with are cleared for legal and compliance procedures. You can be assured that we make sure that they adhere to all the requirements as laid by the law.

from the Window of Hope

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