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Are you Stuck trying to find Funds
For your Social Business, Volunteer Organization, Foundation or Non-Profit?

We know your work or idea to help your community is noble and inspiring. But then, why are there so many barriers to simply trying to help others in need? It seems like every problem keeps getting bigger as days go by – from registering your organization to building a team, marketing and finding partners and getting funds.

Get Help to Grow Your Initiative

If you are facing Any or All of the following roadblocks, this Kindness Workshop is for you
You are running out of Funds

You need Funds to help you do more good. But no matter how hard you try, you are not getting enough donors, sponsors and partners to support you. Why are some Non-Profits getting more and more Funds than you?

You Need Help Promoting your Work

Try all you want, you cannot seem to get more people to know abou your work. Your Posts on Facebook are not getting reach, your work is not being covered on media and news sources. How can you get more people talking about your work?

You cannot get the Right Team

Finding and keeping great people has been tiring. People who join you with great enthusiasm are leaving after very short periods of time. How do you keep people working with you and your cause?

You don't Know where to Start

If you are just starting a business or a non-profit initiative, you may be overwhelmed. What do you register as? How do you reach sponsors? How do you start addressing your problem? Can you build a social initiative that inspires many others?

Learn from the biggest experts in Bangladesh and Grow your Social Initiative.

Senior-Level Managers, Directors, CxOs and Thought Leaders teach and mentor Non-Profits and Social Entrepreneurs on how to generate Revenue, Market and Sell Ideas to create Positive Impact. Representatives from following institutes have already joined this cause to share their Knowledge.

Over 3,000 Social Organizations

From 61 districts in Bangladesh have already started their Journey with Kindness Workshop. Here is what they have to say.

Let Us Share our Expertise

We worked with Hundreds of Non-Profits, Corporates and Government Institutions in Bangladesh and mobilized Funds, developed ideas and helped change happen.

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